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n MSCRM 4.0, it is not possible to export the MSCRM data, modify and re-import it back to update the records. This project describes a tool that allows you to achieve this functionality. This can be done in two ways. First, you can edit the records of MSCRM views in the tool and submit them back to MSCRM from the tool itself. Second, using this tool, you can export the data of any MSCRM view to CSV file, which can be later imported back into MSCRM to update the records. The complete code for the tool is also given for the developers who want to develop solutions around the above scenario. The sample code included uses standard MSCRM SDK calls to achieve this functionality.

The current limitation of this tool is that the user must have either 'admin' or 'system customizer' role.

Please read the documentation and license term carefully before using it.

Version 1.1 Available:
Date: Feb 22, 2008
Bug fixed in Version1.1: Fixed bug related to double byte characters. Double Byte characters are now supported.

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